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  • Most Natural False Eyelashes
  • #RoyalFlirt side
  • #RoyalFlirt lash side
  • #RoyalFlirt 2 eyelashes


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Most Natural Mink Eyelashes #RoyalFlirt

#RoyalFlirt is suitable for nearly all types of eye shapes. However, small and hooded eyes would benefit the most from these most natural false eyelashes as they would make the eyes appear more open and rounder thanks to the longer segments in the center. If you have big and round eyes and typically wear most natural false eyelashes that tend to visually elongate your eyes, but you crave to try the doll-eye effect, you are welcome to do so with the #RoyalFlirt style. However, I would recommend skipping the extra curling part of the lash application process as to avoid raising the faux lash strands in the center part of the eye.

So go ahead, Your Royal Flirtatiousness, sweep him off his feet!